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Gothic/Pagan Handmade Charm Jewellery :) Goth/Pagan/Witch )o(


I've only just started making jewellery a few weeks ago, but am really enjoying it. I'm really hoping to start teaching myself wire jewellery soon :) Unfortunately I'm a very poor art student, and need to fund my hobby and art career! :) So I have a couple of jewellery peices up for sale, with a lot more to be added very shortly :) If you'd like to take a look, please visit (it's still under construction). If you are interested in buying I have 100% positive eBay feedback which can be viewed :)

I'd love some design feedback even if you do not want to buy :) Most designs I make are one-of-a-kind and all are handmade with love and blessings by me :)

You can view the jewellery at the Realm of Dreams

Or click on the following links :) Thought it would be better to link you to it rather than clog up the entry with images :)

Celestial Moon Goddess Necklace and Earrings
Scarlet Rose Necklace and Earrings
Amethyst Goddess Necklace
Amethyst Goddess Bracelet
Amethyst Goddess Earrings

Critique/orders (;D) always welcome :) I'd love to hear what you think of them.

Requiem xxxxx

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