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yay for paintings! I do know now, NOT TO DO TWO PAINTINGS IN ONE NIGHT!

But anyways.

Here's the first one
This is an example of the rare occurance where something looks better on the computer than it does in real life.
The ides looked way cooler in my head, and I started painting, and I think it looks more like something that should be hanging in a little girl's room. She reminds me of a cross between Barbie and that Jon Benet Ramsey girl.

And now for the second one
I'm not sure if I like this one. Again, one where the idea was way better in my head. The green is a little bit brighter in real life, but the picture didn't come out too bad. I most identify with the small tea cup... or espresso cup or whatever it is. the girl os sort of ugly. I couldn't get the hair right, the eye and lips are too large, and the nose... something's wrong with the nose. I might have to do some drawing of the tea cup. I just like the little cup.
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