Holly (_holly) wrote in alucinortela,


I crafted some more soaps tonight. So fun. I really enjoy soap crafting.

Plumeria. Glycerine base with a lovely plumeria scent. 2 square bars, 1 long rectangle.

Cleansing apple. Glycerine base with aloe and tea tree oil, scented lightly with apple. 3 regular bars, 1 large star.

Apple crisp. Glycerine base, apple scented layer with "apple chunks" above a cinnamon scented layer with oatmeal. 4 regular bars.

Warm milk and lavender. A goat's milk base scented with soothing lavender. 4 regular bars, 1 large star, 1 square bar, 1 long rectangle.

Vanilla milk and honey. A goat's milk base with added honey, scented by vanilla. 2 square bars, 1 long retangle, 4 massage bars pictured.
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