Valeria (mithrandiresina) wrote in alucinortela,

Just joined:)


I have been trying to find an interesting community for art here in lj and this seems to be a great place for what I took a peek to:) So I decided to join..

I myself am still quite new to arts in general, I started in mail art years ago but it took a long while to really start to realise what were the things that I wanted to make and found closest to my heart. At the moment I am in a middle of a huge block after applying to an art school and not getting in, but looking at other people's art is still fascinating.

Well, I am making an art doll, a knitted shirt and some polymer clay fridge magnets at the moment, too, but they are things I promised to make and I am actually not very happy to make them in this low spirits. The last piece that I got finnished was a dreamcatcher where I modified the traditional form a bit. And I think this tells you also hat type of art I make - I have a long background in crafts so I want to combine these two things. If nothing else, my pieces are collages made of tons of different elements. I am slowly trying to get my drawing skills in use too, but oh well, I am not so good. And as a perfectionist I kind of hate not being that good.

So, I hope it was ok that I joined:)

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