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For weavers of dreams and creativity. This community is for art in all its forms, but especially handcrafted art. Art of an exotic nature, all things out of the ordinary or magickal in nature are welcome and encouraged. Here you can share your work with others. Get critiques on your work, share tips and inspiration. You may also sell and trade your crafts here. Above all people are encouraged to share ideas, and let creativity flow!

Feel free to post pictures of your creations, links to relevant websites, craft making instructions, crafts you have for sale, craft making product and book reviews, craft supplies to trade, etc. Your imagination is the limit.

Community Guidelines - Read This

This community is moderated. Posts to the community will be reviewed before they become public. For those not familiar with how it works, see the following:
FAQ - What is the "Moderator" option? How does it work?

I suggest if you plan to become a member and/or post here, you read the following entirely. Consider this a warning. Posts that violate the guidelines will be deleted without question.

Say Hello - We don't bite. When you join, feel free to introduce yourself. Just a little bit about yourself and what brought you here. You can also tell us what artistic interests you have, among other things.

Do Not Join Only To Sell – If the only reason you are here is to try and sell things, then take yourself somewhere else. There are plenty of communities out there already dedicated to this purpose. This is NOT one of them. People who insist on ignoring the rules (posting nothing but advertisement) will find themselves quickly banned.

No Hit-And-Run Advertisements - Random advertisements by nonmembers are not allowed, and will be deleted. You must be a member to advertise. This means that you must post other things besides site plugs. Spontaniously joining this community does not give you the automatic right to post a plug. In essence, it is still considered a hit-and-run advertisement. Try contributing something creative and helpful to the community first. See previous rule.

One Plug A Month - Members may post ONE( 1 ) advertisement per month to sell the crafts they have made. For example, if you were to post at the end of a month (30th of June)and then posted at the beginning of the following month (1st of July), it would be acceptable. However, you would not be able to post again for the remainder of that month. Therefore it is not recommended you post in this fashion.

No eBay Auctions – Our reason is clear in the amount of abuse this community has already seen in eBay auctions. You are still allowed to sell your crafts and trade your supplies, but you are not allowed to post direct links to eBay (or other) auctions here. If you wish to share information about items for sale/trade, you can make a post about the object(s) and refer people to your own journals. Violations will be deleted without question.

Posting Images & Longer Posts - Please keep in mind some users have slower internet connection speeds /older computers. Use the lj-cut tag when making large posts, when you have really large/multiple images, when posting lengthy directions on how-to's, etc.

Play Nice - Negativity in any form is not acceptable here. There will be NO tolerance here for flaming, fighting, spamming, bias, prejudice, or blatant negative remarks.

Other things you need to know!

The whole point of this community is to give artists and crafters an outlet where they can share, trade and sell their work and related supplies, while also offering an inspirational outlet. When selling art and crafts, they must be handcrafted original works, etc. Don't abuse this.

Selling & Trading arrangements are made at your own risk. No one can be held responsible besides yourself and the person you make arrangements with. If problems should arise the moderators will handle the situation to the best of their ability. If needed, offending parties will be banned.

No pornographic images or graphics. Tasteful nudity is accepted ( in photography, sculpture, etc), within reason. Please mark posts containing mature material. It is preferred that mature content be placed behind a lj-cut tag, out of respect for people not comfortable with the naked form. There is a very distinct difference between tasteful nudity and pornography. If you're not sure, ask.


Violations of the above guidelines will result in deleted posts and/or your membership being revoked. This set of guidelines will be updated as the need arises.

Use common sense and good judgment and proper netiquette and you should be fine.

I am leopardwolf, your spastic spotty-stripe moderator! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, please contact me at leopardwolf@charter.net with what's on your mind. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy yourself!